Merlin's concours car wax

Merlin's 'Enchanted' Concours Car Wax

With some ancient arcane knowledge and a little wizardry, I am very proud of the results of my recent alchemy...

Merlin's "Enchanted" concours car wax.

Merlin's "Enchanted" Concours Wax

"Enchanted" concours wax is a high-end product for the distinguished owners of fine automobiles, collectibles, and all types of special pride and joy vehicles. 

It is designed for the automobile enthusiast, and the professional detailer that has an eye for beauty and takes pride in their work.

Merlin's "Enchanted" premium paste wax is built around a unique formula that is hand crafted and poured in very small quantities.

This is a genuine good old fashion product that is based on the simple idea to out perform the ever growing list of relabeled cookie cutter products.

My goal is to make an amazing wax. My focus is to quite simply supply a great product to those few true enthusiasts that can tell the difference.

Merlin's "Enchanted"
Concours Wax


Color: Blue
Scent: Candy
Wax Type: Hard
High volume of Premium Carnauba
99.98% pure Graphene infused
Small amount of natural oils
Low VOC Solvents 


Appearance Characteristics: Wet, Rich, Deep Nuba Finish
Beauty of a 200+$ wax for a fraction of the cost!
Incredible Concours winning appearance
Applies and removes with ease
Excellent Sheeting and Beading
Durability: Very Good


The paste wax is firm and concentrated, meaning a little bit goes a very long way.
1. Wash the vehicle to remove all dirt and dry vehicle using a filtered blower.
2. Spread a thin layer across an area and buff off before moving to next area.
3. This is a WOWO wax. For best results apply and remove one panel at a time.
4. Use clean sides of multiple quality microfiber towels for wax removal.
5. Repeat step 2 and 3 across all paintwork.
6. Apply two or more coats for best results.

Stand back and admire the beauty! 

Merlin's "Enchanted" Concours Wax

Hand poured in small limited quantities...